The CYA On Cures Act Violations For DSOs

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With fines up to $1,000,000* new legislation introduces new requirements for DSOs

Today’s patients expect quick and easy access to everything. With new legislation dental practices are now finding themselves in the crosshairs of noncompliance due to the harsh combination of high patient expectations and lack of data accessibility in dentistry.

The Stark Reality of Non-Compliance

As patients become more informed and assertive about their healthcare rights, DSOs find themselves under increasing risk as requests for records are on the rise. HIPAA and The 21st Century Cures Act stipulate that healthcare providers provide access to electronic health information (EHI) securely through a mobile application without delay when requested.

Failure to comply can result in hefty fines of up to $1,000,000* per single violation, including being put on a “corrective action plan”—a major setback for any group. Most practice software has been built from the ground up to make information input easy, but tedious, if not impossible to access (let alone share with others), putting you at risk.

Thankfully a dentist and software entrepreneur, Dr. Bryan Laskin, saw the impending issue coming and has worked with the ADA and leaders at several large DSOs to create an easy solution.

The Toothapps Solution

Enter Toothapps Patient App, an innovative platform designed to bridge the gap between patient data demands and regulatory compliance. Toothapps provides a comprehensive, low-cost, turnkey solution that ensures dental practices can meet the high standards set by the Cures Act.

Key Benefits:

1. Compliance: Patients can view records (once approved by your practice) securely and digitally on their mobile device.
2. Connection: Patients can pay bills, securely chat with your office, request an appointment, complete forms, view radiographs, confirm appointments, and more. (View a demo at
3. Convenience: Once installed the Patient App syncs with your existing systems, saving your team time and keeping offices in control of data requests, emergency care and virtual consultations with ease.

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