Nurturing Growth

7 min.' to read

Picture a sprawling Midwestern farm, where the earth is as generous as the people tending to it - this is where the story of DeAnn McClain, Heartland Dental's COO, begins. Much like the hearty crops that rise from the Midwest's soil, DeAnn's career grew from humble roots into something remarkable. Her journey, intertwined with the growth of Heartland Dental, shows us the beauty of a well-tended life, where dedication and care for oneself and others can cultivate extraordinary success.

The story of Heartland Dental’s female COO is one of a woman from the Midwest who took a chance after college and joined an organization as it embarked on a journey that would lead to decades of exponential growth, continuous improvement, and building industry leaders. DeAnn enjoys gardening and understands the resources and nurturing it takes to grow something magnificent. She applies the same care and attention to detail in leading her team and helping Heartland Dental’s supported doctors in her role as the company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

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