Leveraging Contingent Labor for Sustained DSO Growth

8 min.' to read

Think beyond “quick fix” staffing to improve long-term recruitment, retention, and patient access to care.

Traditional temporary staffing solutions may fill a short-term need—but a consistent, contingent labor workforce can maximize capacity for existing operatories, flex to address evolving patient needs, and encourage long-term resilience and growth.

Acquisition, new builds, and capacity expansion: What’s the most strategic growth option for DSOs?
In the rapidly evolving landscape of dental care, dental service organization (DSO) leaders are confronted with a critical dilemma: how to most effectively grow revenue while mitigating risk. Should they acquire existing practices through due diligence, accurate valuation, and successful integration of leadership and staff? Should they invest time and money into new build-outs— which require capital-intensive site selection, construction, permitting, and hiring of new staff?

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