Breaking Through the Silicon Ceiling

9 min.' to read

How Christine King Became the World’s First Female Semiconductor Company CEO

An uneducated, single mother at 20, Christine King climbed the tech ladder to become the world’s first female CEO of a semiconductor company. Now she’s sharing her hard-won lessons for personal and professional triumph in her own words.

Lesson 1

Without Skills or an Education, You Are Nowhere
We all make questionable decisions in our lives, and one of my earliest was deciding to marry a hippie. He looked great, played a mean guitar, and I just went for that. And then one day, my husband came home and said, “I got to go to California, this marriage thing’s not for me. It’s nothing personal against you. Bye-bye,” and he was gone, leaving me with an 18-month-old son in a run-down trailer park and almost no money.

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