Remarkable women across the industry are supporting great organizations with outstanding achievements, and well-deserved promotions. Join us in recognizing these Women in DSO® members and the empowering organizations that recognize their brilliance.
42 North Dental
Marlene Kacy
Senior Director of Hygiene
Delfi Nieto
Chief People Officer
Affordable Care
Cindy Klein
Chief Administrative Officer
Amy Welsh
VP, Direct to Consumer Marketing
Sonia Williams
SVP & GM, Dental
Dental Care Alliance
Maggie Estess
Chief Human Resources Officer
Meredith Troy
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Colleen McFarlin
Vice President, Specialty
Bhavika Mistry
Vice President, Finance
Michelle Belmarez-Insanali
Skillbridge Military Fellow
Heartland Dental
Lauren Harris
Director of Field Marketing
Ashley Beerbower
Marketing Project Manager
Beth Deutsche
Chief Operating Officer
Patty Farmer
DSO Business Development Manager
Sarah McLaughlin
DSO Business Development Manager
Crystal Spring
Relationship Development Manager
Angie Trogstad
Customer Experience Manager
Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry
Megan Holiday
VP of Operations
Rectangle Health
Heather Bentley
Vice President, Customer Success
Mahshid Pirzadeh
Chief Customer Officer
Risas Dental and Braces
Bertha Galindo
Local Director
Regina Limon
Associate Director of HR
Sharon Ragsdale
Director of Training and Development
Patterson Dental
Alisa Edwards
Director of Sales, Strategic Accounts/ Institutions
Cindy Roach
Director of Sales, Strategic Accounts
Spear Education
Kirsten Markson
Chief Marketing Officer
Nikka Baldwin
Director of Client Relations
Christy Carroll
Vice President of Marketing
Dr. Nikki Green
Vice President of Partner Integration
Nina Lewis
Director of Revenue Cycle Management
Dominique Wilcox-Bostic
Director of Revenue Cycle Management, Training and Auditing
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