Guidance for Authors

and Contributors

The LEAD aspires to deliver ideas and content that make our readers smarter, more creative, and courageous by providing expert insights and advice from the leading minds in and around the industry.

We delve into a diverse range of subjects including strategy, leadership, organizational evolution, innovation, decision making, career paths, work-life balance, and team management. Our content is rich and varied, including articles, graphics, and videos to effectively share groundbreaking ideas.

We are committed to promoting content that reflects the variety in our audience and avoids stereotypes and biases.  We aim for authenticity in our articles and seek both timely and timeless pieces.

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We prioritize five qualities:

1. Expertise:  Contributors must possess deep knowledge of their subject.

2. Evidence:  We value proof, supporting research and examples. Data is always welcomed.

3. Originality: Unique insight on common topics offer fresh perspective to the well-informed.

4. Usefulness: Practicality is key; our readers seek to implement new ideas into action.

5. Engaging Writing:  For our discerning audience, content must capture attention from the start.

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