At the Helm

12 min.' to read

Leaders face many challenges daily that demand critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and a commitment to navigating complexities with integrity and resilience. The LEAD sat down with five leading CEOS to gain invaluable insights into their approaches to decision-making, leveraging their collective expertise to empower and inspire industry professionals facing similar challenges.

Pat Bauer of Heartland Dental, Stephenie Goddard at Glidewell, Geoff Ligibel of 42 North, Frank Massino of Darby, and Rahma Samow of Clear Choice stand at the helm of innovation and leadership. Learn from them as they share practical self-care strategies, book recommendations, and other resources. Together, these leaders bring a wealth of experience and wisdom, providing invaluable perspectives, personal stories, and practical advice for anyone who is or aspires to be a leader.

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